About Us

The revolution begins with the turn of a wheel.  
It began as a hobby in 2015, with Victor tinkering first with bespoke electric skateboards, then with his first E-Bike. It grew into a love of riding, and a passion for the benefits, and soon became a challenge: to see an E-Bike in every household in Perth. In 2020, Garzon E-Bikes was born.  
To make E-Bikes accessible to everyone, we created our very own range which match the top brands for quality without breaking the bank. A Garzon E-Bike is powerful and versatile, designed, manufactured and built right here in Perth, Western Australia.  
We’re passionate about utilising future technology to empower individuals and to bring people together. Whether you’re looking to transform your dreary morning commute into a daily adventure, or hanging out to create memories with friends on the weekend, we’ve got an E-Bike for you.
At Garzon, we believe E-Bikes are more than getting from A to B.  
E-Bikes are a revolution:
a jumpstart for fitness;
a boost for mental health;  
a weapon against global warming.
Change your life with the turn of a wheel.
Join the revolution.
Team Garzon.
We invite those who share our passion to join our journey through this new E-mobility era.