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Range: up to 100 km
Frame: Lightweight alloy aluminium with in-built battery
Battery capacity: 378Wh / hidden
Motor: 36V / 250W / Rear Hub
Display: in-built LCD
Battery: 36V / 10.5Ah / Samsung Lithium battery cells
Gears: Shimano 8 speed
Brakes: Hydraulic (front & rear)
Wheels: 700C
Weight: 16 kgs


  1. Jane Underwood

    I’m so glad I chose this bike when I was looking for an electric bike. It has replaced my car – I ride to and home from work every day, and I love it. It’s so fun, I feel like a kid when I’m riding it, and I’m 52. Once I forgot my bike lock, but was able to carry the bike all the way up a long flight of steps, no worries. People keep asking me why I got an electric bike, it has been so easy to incorporate it into my life. I couldn’t figure out how to set the trip metre, and Victor called us and talked us through it, even though it was 7pm. This bike has made me very happy.

  2. Aaron Robotham

    Bought a couple of weeks ago, and so far very happy. It has met the range I was hoping to get out of it on a fairly hilly route (about 70km on a charge) and has opened up a sweat-free shower-free commute of 10km which has replaced the car rather than my road bike (I still use that some days). Nice that it is made just down the road from my house too 😀

  3. William Delaforce

    I wanted an ebike with a look and feel like an ordinary pedal bike, one that I could use as a bicycle and forget that it also had an electric motor. I only wanted to use the power-assist for riding up hills and when very tired after a long ride. It had to be lightweight, and it had to be able to handle different on and off-road terrain, such as cycle tracks and some dirt tracks, but I did not want a mountain ebike. In short, I wanted a highly versatile road bike.

    The Urbano weighs only 16kg, much lighter than most ebikes which weigh 20kg or more. It has a very solid feel about it, as evidenced by its excellent handling on less-than-perfect roads or tracks. And with front and back disc brakes it stops very quickly.

    Handling is very good, a combination of good geometry (frame design) and solid construction. Steering is sharp and precise, and braking with powerful hydraulic disk brakes, as mentioned, is excellent. On roads, the ride is smooth and stable, off-road on bike tracks it handles pretty much any surface without any trouble. The 8 gears are well spaced, and good enough for most situations even when not using power-assist.

    Power-assist is subtle and not obtrusive. At each level (1-5) it kicks in gently but firmly. It is at its best and more noticeable when accelerating, and less noticeable when cruising, as you’d expect. I’ve tested it on some quite steep cycle tracks, where without power it would be hard to even get going, let alone accelerate uphill, and was pleasantly surprised by how much power really is available. At the highest setting (5) it can take you up to 25km/hr very quickly and effortlessly.

    This is a very versatile ebike for those who enjoy riding and want the features of an ordinary bicycle as well as the benefits of an ebike. However, it will also provide you with plenty of power if you do just want to sit back and cruise for a while. It has more than enough power to enable you to take it easy without much effort.

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